Warning Signs and 3D Lines on VisionMonday.com


NEW YORK—What do eye problems look like? The "three O's" know, but your patients are likely not as savvy when it comes to detecting the subtle but tell-tale signs of certain eye conditions that may be affecting their sight or that of their loved ones. This Slideshow: What Eye Problems Look Like from the WebMD Eye Health Center, reviewed by Alan Kozarsky, MD and now featured in VM Multimedia, is a simple and shareable way to clue your patients in on important eye disease warning signs.

Speaking of warnings, we never saw it coming that people would someday print their own specs, but there is something to be said about the modern marvel of 3D printing and its introduction into the eyewear realm. In a recent video now spotlighted in VM Video, Studio Optyx gave us a glimpse into the making of its new Monoqool 3D Printed Glasses that looks truly space-age. The minute-and-a-half short makes us think these frames might actually be made on the moon.