Zen Barcelona and Kingdom Eyewear Renew Distribution Deal


BARCELONA—D&R Optical S.R.L. (BcnZEN), owner of Zen Barcelona Eyewear, based here, has announced renewal of its partnership with Sacramento, Calif.-based Kingdom Eyewear for the exclusive North American distribution of the Zen Barcelona Eyewear collection in the U.S.

"Kingdom Eyewear is doing a great job with Zen Barcelona eyewear (BcnZEN). D&R Optical is pleased to continue supporting Kingdom Eyewear as an exclusive partner to spread the collection of Zen Barcelona frames in the U.S.A.,” said Paco Castaneda, CEO of D&R Optical.

“We are grateful to continue our strong relationship with the makers of Zen Barcelona, which embodies their cultural colors and lifestyle of individual expression,” added Stephen Fournier, CEO of Kingdom Eyewear. “We share their same mission, with a focus on superior quality and diversity, embracing that the Zen Barcelona collection maintains a consciousness for ecology in its production.”

D&R works closely with the University of Barcelona (UAB) department of innovation and technology to investigate new materials for the design and production of the Zen Barcelona frames, which exceeded 100,000 units sold in 41 countries in in 2013, according to the company.