A New Approach to Electrochromic Eyewear


Product: Fades
Top Line: AshChromics, a new consumer venture from research veteran Ashwin-Ushas Corp., launched their new auto-darkening electrochromic Fades eyewear line yesterday at CES 2019. Fades eyewear features the ability to darken automatically based on incoming light, as well as the unique feature of intermediate states of darkness. This ability makes sure the light level at the user's eye the same regardless of ambient light at all times for maximum comfort.
Close Up: The Fades line of electrochromic eyewear will initially offer both sports sunglasses and visor inserts, with plans to branch out into other styles such as ski goggles later in 2019. All Fades eyewear will contain AshChromics's dual polymer electrochromic technology, which boasts some of the fastest switching times and highest contrast levels in the electrochromics segment, nearly double the contrast of photochromics and LCD-based electrochromics. The company said the initial target for the eyewear will be the fitness and sports enthusiast markets, with campaigns directed at more niche segments like cyclists, motorcyclists, runners, and later, construction and industrial workers, as well as many other enthusiasts whose activities require moving between light and dark areas.
"Fades eyewear will be different because it switches faster, turns darker, and works longer than any other auto-darkening eyewear on the market. We wanted to make eyewear that'll not only see you through your triathlon but your drive home as well," explained owner and CEO Prasanna Chandrasekhar. "Once you put them on, you can feel the difference."
AshChromics is a start-up incorporated in 2018 by Ashwin-Ushas Corp., a leader in defense and aerospace research. Its clients range from NASA, DARPA, U.S. Army to other Department of Defense agencies.
Vital Stats: AshChromics intends to offer the initial Fades eyewear line of sports sunglasses and visors for purchase in Spring 2019, with more styles to come later. The Fades eyewear line will run $150 for both the sunglasses and visor insert.