Modern Optical Debuts New Fashiontabulous Styles


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Modern Optical International announces four new releases to its Fashiontabulous collection for spring/summer 2019. This collection from Modern Optical appeals specifically to women with petite facial features as well as teen and pre-teen girls. Fashiontabulous showcases trendy silhouettes sized to complement smaller features. A vibrant mix of colorful hues such as teal, purple, lemon, and fuchsia make Fashiontabulous both fresh and youthful. These four new styles show off elements such as cut-out notches on multi-laminate handmade zyl, whimsical patterns on stainless steel, as well as creative color-blocking that juxtaposes crystal with bold marbleized hues. The 10x249 style from this release features multi-laminated handmade zyl temples, cut-out notches exposing a pop of color and spring hinges for comfort. The 10x250 style showcases a multi-colored vibrant pattern in stainless steel and is finished off with silicone pads and spring hinges. Also new to this collection is the 10x251 model. This style features a fun butterfly silhouette, marbleized pattern on temples, handmade zyl and spring hinges. The final new style, the 10x252, features crystal color-blocking, handmade zyl, metal trim as well as spring hinges.