IDOC Offers HR Tool to Members


Product: IDOC Employee Handbook Service tool
Top Line: IDOC is launching a human resources tool designed specifically for independent optometry practices.
Close Up: IDOC said the new IDOC Employee Handbook Service helps its members create customized guidelines for employee interactions, performance evaluation, articulation of current employee benefits and helps both ODs and their staff members stay fully compliant with changing workplace rules and regulations. “The rewards of a positive, productive work environment are well known,” said IDOC CEO Dave Brown. “By utilizing the IDOC Employee Handbook Service, our members can ensure their staff understands the beliefs, rules and values of their practice, which ultimately helps their employees contribute more fully to the success of the business.”
Vital Stats: The IDOC Employee Handbook Service helps to create a clear framework for staff roles and responsibilities, offers techniques for addressing routine employee issues and concerns, outlines the evolution of employee benefits and how to appropriately address and manage conflict.
“When people in the workplace know what to expect from each other, everybody wins,” said IDOC human resources consultant Amy Alvarez. “With IDOC Employee Handbook Service, we’ve taken what used to be a complex and time-consuming process and made it easy for our members.”; (203) 853-3333