QSpex Launches eQlipse, a New Type of Photochromic


Product: eQlipse
Top Line: eQlipse, a new and innovative photochromic lens product that QSpex Technologies is launching at Vision Expo East.
Close Up: eQlipse photochromic lenses are based on a proprietary formulation that uses a combination of advanced chemistry, proprietary polymer matrix dye composite, and a unique manufacturing process, according to QSpex Technologies. The polymer matrix dye composite allows for accelerated fading without compromising darkness. eQlipse reaches its darkest state faster than leading competitors, QSpex Technologies reports. With a fade rate of 0.35 (%T/sec) within the first two minutes, eQlipse is more than two times faster than the leading competitors at fading back to a clear state from its fully darkened state and is also the clearest photochromic in a non-activated state.
“The performance integrity generated by our patented photochromic solution is unmatched,” said Kai Su, PhD, the founder of QSpex Technologies. “Produced via a highly controlled and automated coating process in a clean room environment, eQlipse’s technology is a significant improvement compared to existing photochromic lenses in three critical areas: fade time, supply chain efficiency, and cost.”
Vital Stats: eQlipse photochromic finished stock lenses will initially be available in grey and brown, CR-39 1.49 and polycarbonate 1.59 indices, with 1.67 hi-index, 1.71 hi-index, and additional colors coming soon.