Signet Armorlite Intros Kodak PowerUp Lens


Product: Kodak PowerUp Lens
Top Line: Signet Armorlite is expanding its Kodak Lens portfolio with an enhanced single vision, Kodak PowerUp Lens.
Close Up: With the increasing use of digital devices, eyeglass wearers of all ages need vision support for prolonged, comfortable reading up close. Kodak PowerUp Lenses offer two levels of power boost in the reading area: 0.40D and 0.66D, for adults that are not ready for a progressive lens design. The low levels of power boost reduce eyestrain and serve as training in the use of a near vision zone for easier adaptation of a progressive design later.
Vital Stats: Kodak PowerUp Lenses are available in clear, photochromic, polarized and blue light filtering lens options. Kodak Total Blue Lens, with High Energy Visible (HEV) Blue Light filtration of up to 80 percent between 380 to 440nm, is available in the Kodak PowerUp Lens design. Eyecare Professionals can order it in 1.67 index now and the polycarbonate will be released this Summer.
Kodak PowerUp Lenses are covered by VSP and EyeMed, and will be added to other managed care plans in the following months, Signet Armorlite said.. This design requires monocular PD and fitting height measurements for proper placement of the power boost but are dispensed to the patient as a single vision. A dispensing aid and patient brochures are available by calling visiting or calling Signet Armorlite Customer Service at (800) 759-0075.