PSI’s New Solution for Lab Automation and Logistics


Product: Stacker/Destacker
Top Line: PSI is introducing the Stacker/Destacker, a durable cost effective solution for in-line optical laboratory automation and logistics. Designed with customer safety in mind, these systems provide long service life and handle a variety of job tray types at any stage in the lens fabrication process. They are uncomplicated, low-cost units that offer optical labs a quick return on their investment, according to PSI.
Close Up: The Stacker/Destacker features interlocked guards to avoid accidental collisions and tray tipping. Each cylinder can be actuated manually via exposed valve controls. It has a simple but powerful conveyor with easy to replace, cost effective wear items for quick maintenance and minimal downtime. The system has a large tray capacity and is customizable to accommodate any labs needs. The Stacker/Destacker is an ideal enhancement to PSI’s Automatic Surface Tape Applicator Handling System to seamlessly integrate the taping process.
Vital Stats: PSI is the distributor for AL Systems, LLC. They are working together to bring optical labs effective reliable and easily available automation solutions. The Stacker/Destacker is manufactured in the U.S.; (800) 237-8154; (727) 376-7900