's Scope of Practice Map


Now that graduation season is over, new graduate optometrists are stepping onto the OD scene across the country. Many of these eager eye docs are soon to encounter unforeseen limitations to their practice. Luckily, to help new ODs prepare for scope of practice laws,'s (NGO) Quy Nguyen, OD and founder Matt Geller, OD have developed an infographic clearly stating what each state allows.

As detailed in the NGO post, Optometry Scope of Practice in the United States, authority to administer certain authorities such as oral prescriptions, glaucoma treatment, injections and laser procedures vary by state and are subject to change. The best way for ODs to keep on top of licensing authority and make sure they are practicing to their fullest extent, Nguyen says, is to join their state association—but for now, this infographic should do the trick.

So what does your state allow? Take a look at the infographic to see a U.S. map easily comparing the current scope of practice in each state. Even more, a milestone timeline shows the progress optometry has made since the Optical Society of the State of New York—later to become the AOA—was formed in 1896.