Constant Connectivity

By Andrew Karp: Group Editor, Lenses + Technology

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In today’s wireless world, mobile devices, apps and software innovations are enabling eyecare professionals and their patients to stay constantly connected. With a few clicks on a smartphone or tablet, an optometrist can e-mail a patient a link to a video tutorial about a new surgical procedure or remind them to take their medication. An office manager at an eyecare practice, faced with a sudden cancellation, can quickly fill the appointment time by sending a text message to dozens of patients. Patients can locate the nearest eye doctor, read a Yelp review or watch a YouTube patient testimonial about the doctor. They can also schedule an appointment, get information about the latest products and procedures or ask their doctor questions about their treatment.

The rapid proliferation of these new technologies is adding new dimensions to the ECP-patient dialogue. As a result, ECPs are able to offer more personalized treatment, and patients are gaining instant access to information about doctors, eyewear products and treatment options.

Vision Monday spoke to optometrists, opticians and other eyecare professionals to learn how they are using the latest mobile technologies and software to enhance the patient experience while increasing profits and improving efficiencies in their practices. ■