Difficulties in Recruiting Lead to a Growing Temporary Work Force


NEW YORK—Some 76 percent of companies are using contingent labor to enhance their work force and close talent gaps, according to the Definitive Guide to Building a Better Workforce report released by Adecco Staffing USA.

The study surveyed 536 C-suite executives across the U.S. regarding the types of talent they need, the skills that are most difficult to find, how they’re using contingent labor and progressive recruiting methods to enhance their work forces, employee retention techniques and more.

The report found that “Best Class” companies, a designation given to those with low turnover rates, sizable revenue growth and annual decreases in time to hire, are 44 percent more likely to increase the size of their temporary work force in the next 12 to 24 months.

These figures coincide with similar findings by The Execu|Search Group. Its 2016 Hiring Outlook: Strategies for Adapting to a Candidate-Driven Market report found that 26 percent of hiring managers surveyed plan to increase hiring of temporary employees in 2016.

CareerBuilder’s annual job forecast also found that 47 percent of employers said they will add temporary or contract workers in 2016, up slightly from 46 percent last year. Of these employers, 58 percent plan to transition some temporary or contract workers into permanent roles in 2016.

Adecco’s report also looked at the continuing problem of talent shortages expected this year. It found that 80 percent of employers agree that the U.S. skills gap is a real challenge, and the report provides insights into how different companies conceptualize and address this gap in talent.

Other key findings include:
• Best-in-class companies are 31 percent more likely to increase hiring in the coming year to help combat the skills gap.

• 53 percent of survey respondents feel that shortages in the required skills available in the labor pool are the biggest HR challenge today.

• Best-in-class companies are 22 percent more likely than other companies to increase training to ensure employees have the critical skills necessary for their roles.

Hedley Lawson, Contributing Editor
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