Putting the ‘Care’ in Eyecare

By Catherine Wolinski: Assistant Editor

Throughout the month of February, VM staff aimed Cupid’s arrows at optical industry members for our Valentine’s Day themed social media campaign, Share the Love. After two weeks of encouraging fans and collecting submissions, we gathered a few of the Facebook posts from readers throughout the industry who were caring enough to “share” their admiration for a colleague or colleagues who inspire the workplace with their passion and love for the eyecare industry. Here’s the first bundle of love-struck submissions. ■


Alyssa Harvey
Alyssa Harvey is one of those unique individuals who ‘shares the love’ wherever she goes. Her dedication to Optometry Giving Sight radiates as she explains how her efforts help end refractive error blindness. She couldn’t be more enthusiastic about what she does each day …

We have had the joy of her working with us for over seven years now and the amount of energy she gives shows her love and passion for the charity. We, at Optometry Giving Sight, recognize Alyssa as we are the ones ‘lucky in love’ to have her and her passion for the charitable cause.”

—Pamela Capaldi Obrien, Optometry Giving Sight

 Liz McLemore  Roxana Hastings
“I am lucky enough to work with two amazing optometrists that are also my friends! Liz McLemore and Roxana Hastings at Island Girl Eyecare in Kailua, Hawaii, love their jobs, love their patients, and they make every day a joy at work! All of our patients see that and really appreciate the positive atmosphere in our office!”

—Amy King, Amy Sacks Eyewear

Kim Barnhouse
“I’m lobbying to ‘share the love’ with my office manager, Kim Barnhouse. I saw something in Kim early on and I have watched her professional growth with awe. Kim is an amazing woman who is naturally able to earn respect. She is someone the staff confides in knowing their secrets are safe, and is a fair and wise adjudicator. Kim is an incredibly bright and dedicated employee. I am far from the easiest boss to work for, and especially for that reason I am honored to have the opportunity to introduce her to our industry. Thank you Kim for facing our challenges and getting us over some tough times through your steadfastness, intelligence and natural leadership ability, and thank you for over 10 years of loyal service.”

—Alan Glazier, OD, Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care

 Susan Weeks
“It’s time for me to ‘Share the Love’ for my optician Susan Weeks! Every day she goes above and beyond when it comes to putting our patients in the best lenses for their needs while also getting them in the most stylish frames. Her passion for helping our patients is unsurpassed and used as a model for the rest of our staff. She does more than just her optical duties and helps keep my headaches to a minimum while keeping the office running smoothly and effectively. Patients are always raving to me about her in the exam lane or in our online surveys. I can honestly say that The Vision Center at Seaside Farms does as well as it does due to Susan’s hard work, great personality and passion for all things optical.”

—Brad Bodkin, OD, The Vision Center at Seaside Farms

Helen Keller-Wallace
“Sharing the Love for my office manager, Helen Keller-Wallace, who is always there when I need her to help me handle the tough stuff.”

—August Michael Wallace, OD, Texas State Optical