VM's Social Media Community in 2013

NEW YORK—To conclude our “Big In Case You Missed It” last month, Vision Monday pulled together a comprehensive guide to the major developments, headlines and trends that passed us by in print, digital editions, e-newsletters and social media news feeds throughout 2013. A topic that never stops trending, though, is the role our readers play in the information sharing across the industry.

VM’s growing Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn audiences have been imperative to not only sharing, but listening to the issues and concerns affecting the various voices of the optical industry. From frame and lens manufactures to regional retail chains to independent ODs and boutiques, the eyecare professionals we strive to reach have shown incredible reception. Whether participating in an interview for one of our new e-newsletters ( dba and Eye2), exploring our new microsite, The Intelligent Office or sharing a post from our Facebook, a Tweet from @VisionMonday or a career update on LinkedIn, the digital and social community amongst optical professionals continues to show us the importance of providing first-person perspectives to our readers, from our readers.

The conversation online has reached new heights this year and we would like to point it out with an infographic touting “VM’s Social Media Community in 2013.” Take a moment to digitally digest just how many of you are helping to provide and share the news you need and the trends that matter, across the country, continent and world.