Park Slope Eye Exhibits an Eye for Art

NEW YORK—Park Slope Eye optical boutique hosted an opening earlier this month in Brooklyn, N.Y. with local artist James Giardina, an abstract painter based in the borough. In true Brooklyn fashion, the intimate but chic event showcased Giardina’s work while simultaneously drawing attention to the shop’s equally edgy aesthetic.

The amiable atmosphere of the event was likely due to the demeanor of Park Slope Eye owner Justin Bazan, OD, who drew a crowd largely composed of his and the artist’s friends and neighbors. Attendees were able to chat and sip on local beer and wine provided by Bazan, making the event more of a social than business gathering.

The alliance between Bazan and Giardina, formed by a mutual friend, left both parties pleased with the night’s outcome. Bazan expressed confidence in the artwork’s ability to generate interest in his shop, and Giardina, too, welcomed the exposure.

 A display of frames and paintings.  Justin Bazan, OD stands before his store’s frame selection and the recently featured paintings.
 The crowd enjoys refreshments and the paintings of artist James Giardina.
 Carly DeLuca and James Giardina.