The Power Practice National Meeting Educates and Entertains

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.—The Power Practice, the practice management consulting group run by Gary Gerber, OD, held its national client meeting here earlier this year. The program enabled attendees to learn from knowledgeable speakers, share information with each other, learn more about new vendor products and collections and network during the event.

One of the featured speakers was Janine Driver, known as the “LyinTamer,” a nationally-recognized speaker, author and frequent media guest. President of the Body Language Institute, Driver has worked with the FBI, the CIA and other clients, to help them better understand body language and how to “read” customers and patients.

Gerber also led a series of discussions and workshops on topics that help member practices better understand their goals and share experiences and perspectives.

Sponsors of the Power Practice national meeting included: ABB Group, Adlens, Bank of America, BioTissue, The Business Backer, ClearVision, Essilor, EyeDesigns, Eyefinity, Eye Solutions, Luxottica, Morel, OptoVue, Santinelli, Tear Science, Veatch, VisionOne, Vision Source, VSP and xRMD.

Gerber is also the host of “The Power Hour,” the weekly radio broadcast which features guests from all sectors of the vision care space. Listeners to the broadcasts, which are archived on the site ( from within the U.S. and internationally, have grown consistently since the program started two years ago. Gerber points out that The Power Hour, which has been accessed from 75 countries around the world, recently exceeded 113,000 downloads.

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Gary Gerber, OD with Rena Cron, OD of Eagleville, Tenn., who was honored as the 2014 Practice of the Year and became a member of the Chief Dream Officer’s Circle.

Gary Gerber, OD with Sandra Grossett, OD of Fredericksburg, Va. who was recognized as Rookie of the Year.

Gary Gerber, OD with Kathy Khong, OD of Portland, Ore. who was recognized as Rookie of the Year.

(L to R) A group of previous Practice of the Year winners; Drs. Steven Chander, Gary Gerber, Jason Bailey, John Burns, Rena Cron, Lance Dunoff, Brian Spittle and Rajeev Raghu.

Body language expert, Janine Driver (l) with Bethany Fishbein. At the Power Practice meeting, Fishbein won a trip to Driver’s upcoming workshop.

Gerber, far right, and other members of The Power Band provided the rockin’ entertainment.