Key quotes on How to Dare

“You have to be creative. Being creative is not about being wacky or outrageous, but looking for different and affordable ways to reach your customers at the right time.”
– Jonathan Lee, managing director, marketing strategy, Huge

“Understand who your customer is and where they play online. Once you find out where they spend the most time online, be there.”
– BJ Cook, co-founder and CEO, Digital Operative

“Innovation in sustainability is the biggest economic opportunity of our time. The development of technologies that allow retailers to take organic or recycled materials and customize them to reflect their own brand’s personality is a win-win.”
– Lori Kolthoff, creative managing director, FRCH Design Worldwide

“Be aware of and support vendors who treat workers fairly. Offer programs like ‘Fair Trade’ to give consumers a way to differentiate between brands and choose those that are most socially conscious.”
– Audrey Handelman, LEED accredited architectural designer, Gensler

“Be mindful of change. Establish a meaningful schedule to refresh messaging and visual displays that allow customers to be inspired by what’s new.”
– Robyn Novak, creative managing director, FRCH Design Worldwide