“Technology is how we solve things as a species. Technology empowers people...to grow and contribute to society.”
– Michell Zappa, emerging technology strategist, Envisioning Technology

“Whether an organization is big or small, what juices the innovation infrastructure is human creativity.”
– Sarah Thurber, managing partner, FourSight, LLC

“With consumers, things get old. You have to figure out what’s getting old before someone else figures it out for you.”
– Jeff Fromm, executive vice president, Barkley

“The reality is that the refraction and the comprehensive eye exam are not forever linked…Online eye exams are coming and can help expand the industry dramatically.”
– Aaron Dallek, CEO and co-founder, Opternative

“The world is changing and changing fast. I think we all have to be customers, suppliers, competitors, friends and enemies, all at the same time.”
– Andrea Guerra, CEO, Luxottica Group

“Let’s not let change get in the way of our enthusiasm for moving forward.”
– Howard Purcell, OD, SVP customer development, Essilor