“Little by little, we human beings are confronted with situations that give us more and more clues that we aren’t perfect.”
– Mr. Rogers

“Evolve solutions; when you find a good one, don’t stop.”
– David Eagleman, neuroscientist, author

“We no longer worry about electronic serial killers or subversive silicon cabals because we are beginning to appreciate that malevolence—like vision, motor coordination, and common sense—does not come free with computation but has to be programmed in.”
– Steven Pinker, psychologist, author

“[Farzad Mostashari, former National Coordinator for Health Information Technology] contended that…the tools are available and the time is now to make health IT what, not so long ago, paper records were: the standard, ubiquitous way of recording and storing health information.”
– Jeff Rowe, contributing writer, Healthcare IT News

“Progressive hospitals are already participating in social media through specific micro-sites, social networking, online communities and targeted online marketing.”
– C. Lee Smith, president, CEO, Ad-ology Research