What Are You Wearing? / 10/10 Optics

What Are You Wearing? / 10/10 Optics, New York, N.Y.

Ruth Domber / owner/DOE (Director of Everything)

Started in optical as a receptionist in an OD’s office when she was 16.

Has a Top 10 box of favorite frames. 

FRAMES / Orgreen Braniac color 311.

Shamir 3 Digital High Index Progressives with Claris HD coating.

“I got them in New York at The LOFT showplace. I’ve had them for a little over a year. I fell for the color immediately—I am a big fan of eyewear that complements and enhances one’s natural skin, hair and eye color, as well as creating different looks within the eyewear wardrobe.”

Stephen Rozenberg / OD, co-owner

Has been an optometrist for decades.

Owns approximately nine pairs of glasses, when he can find them all. 2-stephen-rozenberg-od.tif

FRAMES / Theo Dauphinois c.311.

LENSES / Shamir 3 with Claris HDAR.

“Ruth picked them out with Rama, the owner and rep, when they were going through the collection. They were very comfortable so I ordered them in a few other colors. Handsome is as handsome does!”

Liz Santiago / optician/manager

Started in optical 27 years ago at Sterling Optical doing sales.

Wears 11 pairs of glasses, “but there’s always room for more.”

FRAMES / Lucas De Stael in black stainless steel with purple leather overlay.

LENSES / Shamir 3 Transitions with a Claris HD coating.

“Our rep was showing the collection and I picked them out as soon as I saw them. This vibrant color is very attractive on my complexion. I try to stay with primary, vivid colors that bring out the best in me.”

Jesus Carmona / optician/co-manager

Started off as an optical dispenser 24 years ago.

Has 10 pairs that he wears and “quite a few more” in his desk drawer. 

FRAMES / Feb31st BATTUTA custom ordered in mahogany and orange colored poplar wood with reverse color treatment on the temples.

LENSES / Shamir Workspace Transitions with Claris HD coating.

“When our rep Melodie was here, Ruth put these colors together for me. She knows that orange is my favorite color. When I wear orange… it feels just right.”