Sunglass Purveyors The Monocle Order Dive Into Their Third Year



Co-founders Alex van Klaveren and Zoe Nightingale salute their customers with pool toys.
 Actor and 90s teen heart throb Andrew Keegan makes a splash at the anniversary party.
NEW YORK—Self-avowed “members’ club for sunglass lovers” The Monocle Order once again wowed fans with an energetic event. On July 8, the click-to-brick retailer invited members and friends to an NYC rooftop pool party at the James Hotel in SoHo, celebrating the company’s second year anniversary and the launch of their first collection, Blood & Tears.

Known as much for their spunky sociability as their unique selection of eyewear, The Monocle Order founding partners Alex van Klaveren and Zoe Nightingale commemorated the milestone with live music from DJs Michael Christopher of Citifox and Justin Miller of Hakt and DFA. Showcase of the new collection attracted members old and new and pool party-themed paraphernalia abounded.

The Monocle Order recently opened a retail location in the artsy neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn and plans to wholesale the Blood & Tears collection as a separate brand entity, according to the company. ■