Sears Optical Launches SunSource Sunglass Stores with Three Pilot Locations

CHICAGO—Part of a five-store pilot sun-only business model, Sears Optical has opened its first three SunSource locations, located on the main floor in high traffic areas of the host environment. Sears Optical is part of the Luxottica Group (NYSE: LUX; MTA: LUX) Retail Licensed Brands. The first SunSource stores opened in and around Chicago, with one store in the city itself, another in Oakbrook, Ill., and the third in Fox Valley, Ill. At presstime, Sears Optical did not say how many SunSource stores they plan in total, just that two more pilot stores will open in the Los Angeles area in April. The footprint of each store is approximately 400 square feet.

SunSource stores will carry both Luxottica and non-Luxottica brands in plano suns that are both Rxable and non-Rxable. “SunSource is an exciting step for the Sears Optical brand,” said Daryl Hammett, Sears Optical senior vice president and general manager. “With the great design and premium eyewear, including Ray-Ban and polarized options, we’re confident this will appeal to the Sears host customer.”

Since 2004, Luxottica has operated a network of Sears Optical retail locations in North America using the brand name of their host American department stores. As of Dec.31, 2011, Luxottica operated 824 Sears Optical locations throughout North America.