Vision Monday Surveys the Show Floor at Vision Expo

NEW YORK—Whether taking CE courses, checking out new lab equipment or scoping out the latest frame fashions, every attendee had their own priorities at Vision Expo East this year. After surveying show-goers for information like where they came from, what they came for and what they hoped to come away with, Vision Monday has compiled on-site responses representing perspectives from the bustling event.

Bob Uffelmann, Practice Manager, Delaware Eye Optical Rehoboth Beach, Del.
“This year we are doing some of our frame buying for the next quarter to six months. We’re also looking at a couple pieces of equipment, nothing big but some fill in pieces that we need.”



Monique Johnson with Lillian Lynch, Billing Department, Manhattan Vision Associates, New York, N.Y.
“Actually, this is our first time and we came for the billing seminar. Since that’s over, we decided to look at the glasses. I’m shocked, I thought there would be New Yorkers but people are from all over. I’m a glassaholic, I love glasses.”



Patty Deleon, Buyer, Vistas Optical, Glendale, Calif.
“I’m here to see the frames and the new and latest models and designs. [Vision Expo East] is huge, you have everything all together here, so that’s a good thing, but it’s a bit complicated.”



Joss Lambert, Buyer, Lambert Optometriste, Terrebonne, Canada
“I’m looking for frames. I’m an optician from Montreal—that’s why I have this great accent. It’s very good so far, I will not be able to see everything because it’s so big, I have a lot of choice.”



Melissa Daniels, Optometric Technician, Pullen Eye Care, Jacksonville, Fla.
“I’m here just to look at everything, it’s my first time here.”




Dr. Carlos Martinez, Optica Sula, San Pedro Suila, Honduras

“Frames, new machinery, new technology. I’m an optometrist, I graduated in Costa Rica. I’m hoping to come back with a new brand of frames.”



Angela Buchko (l), Lab Manager Dr. Allen Bernardi, London, Canada (pictured with Linda Bernardi, Practice Manager)
“Deals. We’re from an eye doctor’s office, so we’re looking for show specials on frames.”



Joseph Elmalem, Elmalem Optometry Professional Corp, Toronto, Canada

“My classes are dry eye, ocular service disease. I’m an optometrist. It’s a mixed bag.”



Jeanette Robinson, Optician, West Valley Vision Center, Fairbanks, Ala.
“I’m here for Vision Expo, to take classes, check out the exhibit hall. Nothing in particular. I’m from a practice with an optical department.”



Lucy Marsh, Optician, West Valley Vision Center, Fairbanks, Ala.
“I’m mainly just trying to see what’s new and what’s in, keep up with new products.”




Jamie Boyle, Optician/Practice Manager, West Valley Vision Center, Fairbanks, Ala.
“I’m taking more management classes, learning different ways we can grow the practice and looking at the upcoming health care changes.”



Nilse Vilar, Optometrist, Perfect Vision, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
“I’m here to take patient related and healthcare courses. We have to fill continuing education hours in Puerto Rico, too.”



Iosif Ifraimov, student, TCI College of Technology
“I’m new to the expo; I’m an opticianry student at TCI. These frames here are amazing, they’re something different. I’m just trying to learn the business.”



Barry C. Carter, OD, Private Practice, Roswell, N.M.
“I want to learn the newest and best treatments regarding drug therapy. I’m also looking forward to learning more about OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography). I’m really looking forward to the education, and picking a course out of about 5 versus 1 at a state convention is very nice.”



Nancy Petrilak, OD,Veteran's Affairs,Yorktown, Va.
“I’m a retired military optometrist and I’m going to be working temporarily for the VA this summer, so I quickly needed CE hours to activate my license. I worked 20 years for the Air Force and the Reserves, and was just hanging around and got a call. I’m really excited about it, but I had to get 16 hours quickly; I’m here for the last six.”


Dhani Narine, Buyer, DG INC, Georgetown, Guyana
“I am more interested in lab technologies. My wife is studying to be an optometrist and she and her friend from England want to partner and set up an optical in the new year. I’m just a free business advisor. We’re here to look at the equipment.”