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Mykita takes an independent approach to eyewear design and production, bringing together all departments under one roof to form the modern manufactory. At the Mykita Haus in Berlin, the team guides the product through every stage, from conception to the shop floor. Mykita strives to set new standards in design and manufacturing with purposeful products that combine handcraft and high technology.

MSRP is $550 to $700.


Accessoreyes Optometry

Pasadena, Calif.
Elda Mehrabyan, OD

“Mykita’s marketing wisely includes a diverse array of wearers, so everyone can feel like they belong in a Mykita frame.”

What are you selling?
I have been proudly carrying Mykita frames since 2010. I’m a fierce advocate for quality eyewear, and the durability of the frames has gained my trust and appreciation. Every shape and style does well, but men respond to the brand more often than women.

Who’s buying it?
At Accessoreyes Optometry, we deliver an elevated experience. Our patients expect the highest-level of care, and with it, the highest quality eyewear. Mykita is often awarded for its innovative designs and patented materials, which is validated when our patients try them on.

Why do they like it?

Mykita frames are timeless, thus appealing to people of all ages. The details, however, are expressive enough to make each frame feel personalized and are sure to garner the wearer several compliments. As for comfort, these frames are unmatched. None of the frames we carry are mass-produced, and the merchandising strategy reinforces that. Each collection is given room to breathe, showcasing the shapes, materials and personality of every individual frame. Customers can gravitate to the display that speaks to them without feeling overwhelmed.

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