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Davette’s Lunettes

Davette’s Lunettes eyewear is handmade in France from original dense cotton acetate. Each of the frames carries Davette’s personal signature for authenticity on the inner temple and doesn’t feature any varnishes as all of the frames feature hand polished or tumbled finishes with hand set stones and studs. The eyewear line was created to appeal to women with petite bridges and is engineered for comfort while still maintaining a fabulous flair.

MSRP: $440



Loomis, Calif.
Davette Fournier, Designer

“Many of the clients trying it on for the first time declare that they have never found anything in eyewear so comfortable that fits them.”

What are you selling?
In September 2015, we added the Davette’s Lunettes collection to our dispensary. It is focused on a niche we were missing; fabulous European quality cotton acetate designs for petite women and women with difficult to fit noses. The narrow bridges with built up nosepads really fit this challenge.

Who’s buying it?
Lately, the top selling designs are Davette’s Lunettes models “MiMi” and “Autumn” but the “Mia” is the one we have sold the most overall since we brought the collection in. The Davette’s Lunettes collection speaks to women over 45 years old, who are ‘over it’ with all of the heavily marketed designer labels, and are looking for a sense of unique individuality.

Why do they like it?

The fit is the first reason. If they have been predisposed to metal frame styles with nosepads for example, they discover an acetate frame that works but is also feminine and exotic.

We have the entire collection on display, as we do all of our lines, in its own custom made cabinet. The colors are lit up against a plain white background with no logos or anything else to distract, so the colors of the frames offer a visual that is very engaging and on the spot for those women seeking something different.


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