What Are You Wearing?: The Optical Boutique, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

 Sue Randhawa, licensed optician, owner

Sue started out in the optical industry working at The Optical Boutique as a licensed optician 25 years ago. She loved it so much she bought the store when the original owner decided to retire.

Sue is involved in the local fashion scene so she has many pairs of eyewear and sunwear, but she wears about 10 pairs regularly.

FRAMES / Karen Walker style Hollywood Creeper

/ Shamir in the Autograph III design with Glacier Plus

“I love these glasses because they are bright and bold. I try not to match my eyewear to my outfit and instead choose to wear glasses that bring contrast and make a statement. My personal style is not mainstream, and I love hearing that these glasses have inspired other women to add color to their eyewear.”