Bold Face: Hair, Glorious Hair

Bold Face explores the cult of celebrity and the styles, trends and brands that stars show off in movies, at events and living their daily lives. To be considered for inclusion please contact senior editor, Deirdre Carroll.

This latest installment of Bold Face is all about hair… Bold Face’s hair. It’s a timeline of Bold Face’s hair styles throughout the years as reflected through the hair styles of celebrities. Celebrities wearing sunglasses of course…

When Bold Face was 14 she was allowed to get her first perm. The inspiration? Madonna’s cheekbone grazing curls at the end of her Express Yourself video. That first perm kicked off a lifetime of hair experimentation that Bold Face still indulges in. It’s nice to see that after a lifetime of her own experimentation, Her Madgesty’s hair is still inspiration worthy, not to mention she is sporting some jealousy inducing sunnies, the Epic sunglasses from Morgenthal Frederics

By junior year of high school that perm had grown out and bangs were Bold Face’s look of the moment; very much like Olivia Wilde’s hair here, even the color was similar. Now, Bold Face doesn’t claim to share any other physical attributes with the very lovely Ms. Wilde but she wouldn’t mind snagging her own pair of these sunglasses, the Versace VE 2110, part of the brand’s collaboration with actress January Jones, from Luxottica

Senior year of high school it was a blond pixie, a la actress Michelle Williams. Those of you familiar with Bold Face’s current hair do will no doubt be surprised that this is not the first time this style has been rocked, though back then the blond was thanks to at home coloring and now Bold Face relies on paid professionals to keep her blond up. This picture of Michelle comes to us courtesy of her cover story for Interview magazine earlier this year, she is wearing the gloriously oversized Oh Nico frame from U.K. design team Janz & Cooper

Over the next decade, Bold Face’s hair was long and blonde, long and red, short and red, short and blonde but it’s never been brunette. What do you guys think? Is brown the next frontier? If Bold Face could be assured it would look as lovely as Jordana Brewster’s here, then there would be no hesitation. Jordana stars in The Fast and the Furious franchise, the fifth film Fast Five is out now on DVD and Ms. Brewster is confirmed already for the sixth installment in the series. No wonder she is smiling so big; a new film project, gorgeous shiny hair and an amazing pair of Jil Sander JS643S sunnies from Marchon.

Bold Face is currently taking suggestions for her next hair style, contact her at You can also send her pictures of celebrities in sunglasses too!