Bold Face: In Theaters Now


Bold Face explores the cult of celebrity and the styles, trends and brands that stars show off in movies, at events and living their daily lives. To be considered for inclusion please contact senior editor, Deirdre Carroll.

Summer is always a big time for blockbusters. In this edition of Bold Face we highlight three actors from some of the season’s biggest, and most interesting, films…

Swedish actress, Noomi Rapace, best known for her work in the original The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, has made her U.S. debut as a leading lady battling aliens in Prometheus. The film, in theaters now, a sort of prequel to the 1979 science-fiction horror film, Alien, is the fifth entry in the Alien franchise. In the movie, Rapace plays an archeologist who discovers a star map left by an ancient culture and with the help of a wealthy backer travels to this distant universe to find this early civilization. Of course what she find is far more dangerous than she was expecting. Back here on Earth, Rapace must worry about much more mundane things, like looking like the star she is in her Michael Kors MKS207 sunglasses from Marchon


Bruce Willis is a versatile actor, he can go from playing a “yippee ki-yay” cop to a sad and nuanced… uh… cop depending on what the role requires. Such is the case in the new Wes Anderson comedy-drama, Moonrise Kingdom, in which he plays Captain Sharp, an officer tasked with bringing home two 12-year-old runaways in a 1965 New England island town. The film, in theatres now, debuted to critical acclaim at the Cannes Film festival and Willis wears the Sheldrake from Oliver Peoples throughout the film. In case you prefer the yippee ki-yay version, Willis will be revisiting his John McClane character for a fifth time in A Good Day to Die Hard slated to be released in theaters on Valentine's Day 2013...


Ten years after its predecessor, Men in Black II, and 15 years after the release of the original Men in Black, Men in Black 3 was released at the end of May. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones reprise their roles as Agent J and Agent K, respectively. However, this third installment of the series sees Agent J going back in time to meet and save a young Agent K, played by Josh Brolin, who does a spot on impression of Jones. In this film, Agent J (Smith) is sporting some new black shades, the Wyatt from Salt Optics. Both Smith and Jones have said that they would "consider" appearing in a Men in Black 4, so the Wyatt could possibly get even more screen time in the future.