Bold Face: Ray Brand Stiles


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Ah, Bold Face loves a good ol’ play on words! Make it an eyewear pun and even better! In this edition, it’s time for fun with words, celebs and sunnies as we head into a short holiday week…

Nothing says the Fourth of July quite like a big, juicy burger… okay maybe fireworks, say Fourth of July, but surely a burger is close behind! And when it comes to burgers, look no further than the pint-sized cooking dynamo, Rachael Ray. Her latest cookbook, The Book of Burger (Atria Books), is out now just in time for the holiday and features more than 200 of Ray's burger recipes. Ray recently made one of the recipes from the book—Lil’ Devils (slider-size corn dogs)—for the crowd’s at March’s South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival in Austin, Texas during her fifth annual party at Stubbs. While at the festival she was also snapped enjoying the music while wearing the Serpent sunglasses from Foster Grant

Russell Brand has no shortage of mentions in the press thanks to a high profile divorce but given the fact that his new show, BrandX with Russell Brand, has also just premiered on FX, Bold Face thinks he’s worth another mention. The show features Brand sharing his “unvarnished and unfiltered points of view on current events, worldwide politics and popular culture.” Given his irreverent sense of humor it is sure to be quite a (word play alert!) spectacle. Brand’s public persona is so hyper and frenetic, that it might strike some as surprising that he is deeply devoted to spirituality and is an avid practitioner of yoga and transcendental meditation. However, lest we forget he is a celebrity, Brand was recently snapped leaving a yoga studio wearing the super fabulous Julian aviators in gold with 24 karat gold lenses from Sama. BrandX airs on the FX network on Thursdays at 11 p.m…

The internet has become a destination for stars looking for a little creative freedom, away from the time, money and demands of big studio productions. Actress Julia Stiles is the latest to take her talent to cyber space in the new web series, Blue. Directed by Rodrigo Garcia, the series aired on the original content YouTube channel, Wigs this month and follows the life of a young mom (Stiles) trying to better the life of her 13 year old son. By day she is an accountant, at night, an escort, and as one can imagine her life begins to unravel as people from her past reappear. The 12-part series airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but you can see Stiles right here, right now, in the Valentino V611S sunglasses from Marchon.