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Today’s customers are often discriminating in their purchasing behavior. Many know they no longer have to sacrifice quality and fashion for the price they’re willing to pay. Well-made construction, designed with unique accents and special design and sculpting details can set new styles apart. Striking colors, punched up even further with engravings, details, texture and color blocking make wearable and flattering eyeshapes pop in both ophthalmic and sunwear styles.

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The FyshUK customer is ‘hooked on life’ and the collection is geared to today’s modern, contemporary, feminine customer, with an emphasis on rich colorations and details.  
Inspired by Women Who Embrace Their Own Spirit

Fysh is Fashion Eyewear for women who are dedicated to making every moment count. Fysh is inspired by women everywhere who are hooked on life.

The 2014 FyshUK collection is modern and contemporary but always with a feminine flair. Eye shapes range from the dramatic cat-eye to classic softened rectangles. Intricate temple detailing makes each style unique and eye-catching. Known for its color combinations, the FyshUK 2014 collection marries deep rich colors on the front, and bright, bold color contrasts on the temples. The vibrant color palette includes an abundance of oceanic blues, deep purples, velvety reds and berry tones, as well as modern neutral hues like grey, camel and taupe. FyshUK 2014 collection uses pattern and texture. From stripes and hound’s-tooth to lace patterns and laser cut floral designs, FyshUK offers fashion details that resonate.

Designed for all women, but with the baby boomers in mind, eye sizes range between 51 and 54 and easily accommodate a progressive lens.

The collection is supported by counter cards, 6 piece display, 1 piece display, nameplates and banners.


  Badgley Mischka’s Delia and Jeanette feature graceful shapes and unique temple accent treatments. In sun, Sylvie and Alaina, the sleek shaping continues, showcasing feminine accents like the silver bow, while both employ unique coloration treatments on temples.
Translating Glamour to the Modern Woman
Vintage styles and embellishments make Badgley Mischka designs matchless and in high demand. The Badgley Mischka Eyewear and Sunwear collections boldly translate the glamour of Hollywood award nights into fashionable frames at accessible luxury price points. Made with the highest quality products, Badgley Mischka offers elegant style that caters to a modern, couture customer who desires feminine, romantic and luxurious eyewear.

The Badgley Mischka Eyewear and Sunwear collections are inspired by the brand’s signature fabrics, layering and draping. Custom colors through multi-layered transparent silkscreen and acetate generation heighten the exclusivity of the frame design. Swarovski crystals and European components create high quality frames. Metal casted, beveled and sculpted temples and jewelry-inspired accents translate movement.


Adrienne Vittadini features rich color and frame detailing. AV 1126, in purple, features subtle logo treatment while AV 1140 in gold shows textured patterns on the temples and jeweled accents on the end piece.
Sophisticated and Casual Elegance

Accessible luxury and easy elegance are the hallmarks of the Adrienne Vittadini brand. With meticulous design, rich textures and colors, delicate detailing, and exquisite embellishments, Adrienne Vittadini eyewear offers style that is distinctive yet timeless for the Forever 30 woman who enjoys expressing herself through fashion that is sophisticated, sexy and casually elegant.

Consistent with Match’s commitment to high fashion, superior craftsmanship, competitive pricing and the highest standard of quality, Adrienne Vittadini eyewear and sunwear collections are designed to mirror the culture of the brand by drawing inspiration from Adrienne Vittadini clothing and accessory trends. The result is a collection that makes a distinctive and timeless statement, providing accessible luxury for a sophisticated, stylish woman at a moderate price point.


In a variety of colorways, the Ogi 4302 features paneled texture in a cat eye combined with Japanese titanium.
Style and Sophistication Without Extravagance

Ogi Eyewear blends sexiness, style and sophistication, using premium materials and original design to create luxury eyewear at unparalleled affordability.

Ogi Eyewear introduces the 4302, a breathtaking new addition to its unique collection of combination frames.

Ideal for those that like a blend of sexiness with sophistication at unparalleled affordability, the 4302 is available in four designer color schemes including Salmon/Brown, Purple Silk/Midnight, Seafoam Silk/Gunmetal and Tan Silk/Brown. Paneled texture paired with the finest Japanese titanium give this frame a captivating style that is all its own.

This desirable cat eye frame encompasses many rich designer details. From the cut out pinched bridge to the inlaid textured panels, the 4302 is a unique look.