The Wilson, Inspired by John Lennon, by GLCO


Like many eyewear advocates and creators, Garrett Leight, owner and designer at Garrett Leight California Optical, has seen the late and great John Lennon as somewhat of a muse for his optical pieces. Leight recently released a new video which depicts Lennon as an inspiration to his work, in particular for GLCO’s newest frame style, the Wilson.

In the film, which is just over a minute long, Lennon speaks to an interviewer about art and institution and hints at the importance of unbridled creativity to truly reach one’s artistic potential and soul. The film’s "Voice of God" narrator mirrors Lennon’s sentiments in a series of poetic statements:

“We believe that the greatest creations have a soul.
Many say that the eyes are the window to your soul.
We create glasses inspired by the most soulful individuals throughout history.
What good is an individual without vision?
What good is a product without soul?”

Take a minute (and 16 seconds) to soak in a bit of soul from “GLCO Icons: John Lennon” here and in VM Video. The video is also posted, along with more cinematic works from Garrett Leight California Optical, on the GLCO YouTube channel.