Avalon Relaunches the Déjà Vu Collection for 2014

NORTHVALE, N.J.—Avalon Eyewear has revamped and relaunched its Déjà Vu Eyewear Collection for Winter/Spring 2014.

The brand features styles that are “retro-mod specs,” first introduced to the industry in 1991, according to Avalon.
“The collection is an expression of a fun, hip carefree attitude and outlook toward life,” said David Pildes, vice president of Avalon. “Vintage-inspired looks have been designed with the aim of creating ‘nifty yet thrifty’ designs to address the modern price-conscious consumer and current market needs.”

The new Déjà Vu collection is geared toward current and on-trend men and women. More than a particular demographic, the line is suited for those who remain youthful in both mind and soul, the company said. Styles are timeless and classic ensuring lasting staying power and yet each one is freshly rendered anew.

Fourteen handmade ophthalmic styles are slated for release throughout 2014. Those styles included a variety of quality Italian acetates that range from the classic neutrals and fades, to more contemporary hues and colors.

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