Black & Gold

By Deirdre Carroll: Senior Editor



Fans of black and gold run the gamut from the branding for Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, matadors, the 2010 Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints and rapper Wiz Khalifa, to Pittsburgh Steelers fans, the Latin Kings, Sam Sparro’s Grammy nominated dance hit “Black and Gold,” and the fashion stylings of Hedi Slimane’s Spring 2013 debut womenswear collection for Saint Laurent, Jason Wu’s Pre-Fall 2013 Collection and at least one embroidered garment from nearly every Ralph Lauren collection since its inception.

If black and silver evoke gothic romance, than black and gold conjure impassioned glamour… and who doesn’t want a little more impassioned glamour in their life? The popularity of yellow gold is once again on the rise, even in eyewear, and this season designers are pairing tones of the precious metal with classic black in every which way possible for some super stylish specs with serious sex appeal.

(Clockwise from top left) The Anne Klein AK5008 from Altair features clubmaster/cat eye hybrid styling with a strong pearlized black brow bar and temples paired with gold eye rims and logo detailing. The Gucci GG 3629, part of the brand’s Diamond Glitter collection from Safilo, feature a classic Gucci diamante pattern translated into glitter specked Optyl; though the collection offers several colors, the black and gold is the standout. The Miu Miu VMU 55M from Luxottica has a bold, deep, high gloss front juxtaposed perfectly against the delicate gold bridge and temples. Even the cool kids like black and gold; the Barton Perreira Ronnie has a matte gold metal brow bar imbedded in shiny black acetate, the perfect detail to pick up light at the bridge, endpieces and all along the top of the brow. For those seeking more sophisticated glamour, the Tura Lotus R603 features a delicate titanium front with black cloisonné eyewires which leave the gold bridge, endpieces and signature screwless hinge visible before flowing into its black acetate temples. Lastly, the ultra-chic Miroir 151 from Lafont features graphic slashes of gold glitter in its glossy black zyl.

Providing more depth of interest than plain black and clearly more glamorous than the more well-known black and white combo, black and gold glasses provide the perfect update to the bold black eyewear trend of the last several years. So in addition to adding a luxe element to frames, showcasing some black and gold options for your customers gives them a fresh take on the black acetate frames they’ve come to know and love.