CORRECTED: Hoya Launches Backside Progressive Lens with Adaptive Design

By Andrew Karp: Group Editor, Lenses + Technology

Editor's Note: This content has been corrected.


 Hoyalux Array is available in all materials,
as well as in polarized.

LEWISVILLE, Texas—Hoya Vision Care is releasing Hoyalux Array, a backside progressive lens with an adaptive design that is optimized for hyperopes, myopes, and astigmatics. The lens offers superior ergonomics of near, mid and distance sight which delivers natural, comfortable viewing and head movement, according to Hoya.

Hoyalux Array is produced with Hoya’s Free-Form Backside Surfacing Technology, which optimizes individual prescriptions for the greatest performance of the lens design. The technology enables the widest viewing area for both myopic and hyperopic patients, resulting in sharp, clear images not distorted by elliptical errors from conventional surfacing. This results in superior vision at all distances, and larger cut outs which make clear and sun options easier to order, Hoya said.

Hoya uses its Transmittance Control 3D Design Software to model nearly every scenario of how the eyes see with each prescription and compensates for differences between wearing position and refraction position. It also modifies and enhances the lens design for optimal intermediate and reading area placement, and balances design symmetry for better binocular vision and reduced “swimming effect.” Placing the lens closer to the eye creates a wider field of view at the intermediate and near distances. For additional customization, Hoya offers four different corridor profiles. ■