Kenmark Group Debuts the Kensie Girl Eyewear Collection


LOUISVILLE, Ky.—The Kenmark Group and Kensie have presented a new collection for girls aged 7-14 with the Kensie Girl collection.

The Kensie Girl collection features splashy signature colors, temples with personality and a range of styles to match any face. Hip, vintage-inspired shapes are updated to be whimsical and edgy, but always pretty; while trendy colors, patterns and details are translated from the Kensie Girl clothing line.

Standouts of the collection include the Dancing featuring a cat-inspired marbled front and step-stone hearts along the temple and the Darling, a petite frame with an oval front that appears to float alongside a temple of rainbow-colored tumbling hearts. The Zany features a trendy round front with a “zany” temple treated with alternating chevrons and a contrasting glimpse of color on the interior.

Available point of purchase materials to support the Kensie Girl collection include counter cards, a 4-piece display, logo block and mirror. Each frame comes with a hard case.

Dispenser Price Guide: $$ ■