Kodak Lenses Now Offered With Crizal

By Andrew Karp: Group Editor, Lenses + Technology

SAN MARCOS, Calif.—Signet Armorlite is releasing Kodak Lenses with Crizal Avancé with Scotchgard Protector, Crizal Alizé and Crizal Easy from Signetek. Various standard and digitally created Kodak Progressive Lenses can be ordered with Crizal: Kodak Unique, Kodak Precise and Precise Short, as well as the newest Digital and PB options, and Kodak Concise, along with its digital version.

Lenses are offered in several materials with indexes from 1.50 to 1.74 in clear, polarized and Transitions lenses, including Trivex and polycarbonate. A pamphlet is available from Signet Armorlite that shows the full spectrum of Kodak lenses with Crizal and provides a guide to selecting the appropriate Crizal product according to a patient’s vision needs and preferences.

Customers can request this literature piece (#480-752) by calling (800) 950-5367, ext. 1220, or by emailing marketingliterature@signetarmorlite.com. For more information about Crizal, visit www.crizalusa.com.

“With the expanded AR options, we provide more lenses that are scratch-resistant, glare-resistant and cosmetically-pleasing, so ECPs have even more flexibility in meeting their patients’ vision needs,” noted Ed DeRosa, SA executive vice president.