L’Amy America Introduces Vision’s AsianFIT Collection

WILTON, Conn.—L’Amy America has launched a sub-collection in their Vision’s line; the AsianFIT Collection.

The Asian-American population is the fastest growing demographic group in the U.S. and over 8.5 million wear glasses, the company said. The Vision’s AsianFIT styles are designed to sit softly on the face without being too high or low or sliding down the nose; while preventing the head pinching and cheek touching that can often occur.

Styles are specifically designed to accommodate a higher cheekbone and flatter bridge by offering less of a pantoscopic angle (4.5), less face form, a wider bridge and a wider overall frame. Additionally, built-up nose pads are thicker to fit a wider, flatter bridge area comfortably.

This collection consists of six styles designed for the Asian market with specific fitting features to accommodate the traditional fit of Asians faces. The AsianFIT styles are all acetate which, according to the company, is the most difficult frame to fit on an Asian face, and feature classic shapes and colors.

The initial collection features three men’s styles; the 208A, 209A and 210A, each available in three colors, and three women’s styles; the 211A, 212A and 213A, also available in three colors each.

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