Plan “B” Eyewear Adds Men’s Collection, Staag Spectacles

Plan “B” Eyewear Adds Men’s Collection, Staag Spectacles

AJAX, Ontario—Plan “B” Eyewear has announced its new high-end men’s collection, Staag Spectacles.

According to Plan “B,” Staag is “an overbuilt and exceptionally well-designed, collection that cuts a swath through the mundane in men’s eyewear.”

The collection features 5- and 7-barrel hinges combined with mitred joints and is the result of an unmatched attention to detail. Block and beta titanium materials, alongside Mazzucchelli cured acetate, ensure outstanding quality. Bold, unique and masculine, Staag Spectacles is rugged refinement, said Plan “B”.

The collection includes 12 models, nine in acetate and three in block and beta titanium. The frames themselves are named after important and influential men in fiction and history.

Colors and shapes were inspired by adding bold colors like orange, blue and red alongside tortoise, demi and two-toned browns. Color techniques and finishes used in the collection are amongst the most advanced in the industry, Plan “B” said.

Dispenser Price Guide: $$$$