Oakley’s 2012 Olympic Presence Reflects Achievement, Art and Passion Among Athletes

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Oakley's custom sunglass bar enabled Olympic athletes colorful choices to create their own combinations.
LONDON – As the London Summer Olympics concluded this past weekend, after inspiring millions around the world with its athletes’ efforts and accomplishment, Oakley was wrapping up its extensive activities and presence at the Games as the official eyewear supplier to Team USA and the US Olympic Committee.

Prior to and throughout the Games, Oakley talked about the passion of athletes via its “Beyond Reason” campaign. A short film, which includes athletes Seth Morrison, Shaun White, Bob Burnquist, Lindsey Vonn, Rory McIlroy, Craig Alexander, Bubba Stewart and Bruce Irons, is narrated by Samuel L Jackson.

The company’s “DESIGN TO WIN” exhibit, created in conjunction with the London Design Museum, explored the ways in which design has played a significant role in progressing safety, performance, fashion and technology in sport to set new world records. The event featured Oakley products throughout in addition to F1 Cars, Parasails, Javelins, sprint bikes, and others.

The Oakley custom sunglass bar was open for all Olympic athletes to come and make custom designed RadarLocks or other sports performance sunglasses. There are 18 different colorways to match the London Tube system. According to Oakley, 1,000 athletes were expected to have stopped by the bar over the course of the games. Between the ear socks, Oakley icons, frames and lenses there are nearly 105,000 color combinations on each style of sunglass.

Five artists created original artwork to depict the Olympic passion of our athletes. One design in particular is by famous street artists WK Interact and depicts Oscar Pistorius. The art was unveiled this past week and after the games, they’ll be auctioned off the art for charity.