Blue Jeans

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Cowboys and miners, rock stars and hippies, moms and movie stars, millionaires and those who are down and out. Nearly everyone owns, and loves, blue jeans.

What: Who says denim is only for jeans? These days you’ll find it in everything from dresses to sports coats and sneakers to car interiors. Eyewear clearly couldn’t be that far behind. From printing the pattern on the temple to full on denim constructions, this July is all about blue jeans… for the eyes.

Wear: (Top to bottom) The Ray-Ban Denim RB2140 sunglasses from Luxottica is the first time the brand’s iconic Wayfarer style has been offered in solid denim; the frames are made of 100 percent ultra-resistant denim with a thick thread count layered with polypropylene and acetate fused together... and yet, they seem perfectly worn in. The TOMS brand is known for its iconic canvas shoes and each season the brand introduces new styles, fabrics and patterns, so it’s no wonder they have brought some of those fabrics into their eyewear collection; here the Jenkins ophthalmic frame with a densely-woven, classic blue chambray embedded between layers of crystal acetate. Diesel is a brand known for its extensive jean offerings; now the brand’s eyewear from Marcolin reflects its denim heritage with the #DENIMEYE collection, here the DL0111 pairs the expertly faded fabric with vibrant red mirror lenses. Denim is so hot, Tommy Hilfiger devoted an entire collection to it this season; the “True to the Blue” collection celebrates the everlasting impact denim, chambray and indigo have played in the brand’s heritage; the TH1265/S sunglasses from Safilo are part of the collection and showcase the indigo color with temples in a denim fabric print.

Why: Blue jeans are an American staple, sunglasses too. They both generally make the wearer look cool, so combine the two and you have double the pleasure. Denim is also a classic that goes with everything and never goes out of style, not to mention the added benefit of looking better with age. Offer a few timeless shapes in the perennial fabric and a savvy eyewear salesman can close the deal faster than you can say “You wanna know what comes between me and my Calvins?”