Max Mara Collaborates With Artists on Limited Edition Sunglass, Lava Prism

NEW YORK—Safilo and Max Mara present the third collaboration between the two companies and emerging international artists for the creation of a new 1,000-piece limited edition pair of sunglasses. This newest eyewear, Lava Prism (MM KB/UB), was created in collaboration between the painter Kerstin Brätsch and the United Brothers Collection, founded by the performance artist Ei Arakawa and his brother, Tamoo Arakawa who runs tanning salons in Fukushima, Japan.

The new sunglass, the MM KB/UB, features a 1990s-inspired front with a unique flat top and an oversized, shield-like rimless lens. The soft rubber temples feature a natural stone coating that recalls volcanic rocks, the inspiration behind the frame. The new Max Mara sunglasses represent the evolution spawned from a creative journey that the artists took seeing various Volcanoes around the world. The concept, based on volcanoes as a source of energy and light, takes into account that glass is derived from lava.

“For the first time in the collaboration between Max Mara, Safilo and artists, the eyewear was not simply altered stylistically. After an intense deliberation between the artists and Safilo’s entire design team, the resulting product epitomizes the identity of both Max Mara and the artists who have transformed a simple accessory into a conceptual work of art,” the company said.