Mirror Mirror

By Deirdre Carroll: Senior Editor

Air Force pilots, motorcycle cops, Anna Dello Russo, Terminators, rappers, The Village People, “Sex & the City” devotees, trendsetters and magpies.

What: No longer just for paramilitary types, eyewear designers are upping the fashion quotient on mirrored sunglasses this season. Forget the classic aviator; new silhouettes, bright colors and dedicatedly feminine styles, are making reflective lenses fresh again.

Wear: (clockwise from bottom left) Remember the reflective beauties SJP wore in “Sex & the City 2”? Well those were none other than Mykita and the brand continues to update the concept with new colors and shapes while retaining the same awesome monotone mirror lens/frame color combinations seen here, the Mykita & bernhard willhelm Franz sunglass for S/S 2011. The Diane von Furstenberg brand was revitalized when DVF started producing updated versions of the iconic wrap dress that made her famous; the brand is at it again taking the vintage round of the DVF1101 from Marchon and modernizing it with a serious double bridge and lenses so reflective one could touch up their makeup in them. Combine a sport-inspired mirrored shield with a designer pedigree and you have the best of both worlds; the Chanel CH6036 from Luxottica adds a cachet of cool to the luxury brand’s iconic quilt pattern, represented here as a cast metal temple detail, by pairing it with a flash coated lens. The Christian Dior Paname from Safilo is undeniably feminine with its oversized cat shape and purple coloration but the highly reflective monotone lenses keep this frame from looking too dainty or delicate. Even a sport performance brand like Oakley is raising their fashion profile—here the Eyepatch 2, an aggressively oversized frame by any standard, has nattily matched its violet iridium lenses to its “Square O” temple logo.

Why: Traditionally praised for their ability to reduce glare and increase clarity and visibility, these more fashionable mirrored styles perfectly straddle the line between sport performance and style. They have the added benefit of making the wearer look cool, mysterious and totally in control; an especially attractive perk when the dog days of summer have us at our wilted, sweaty best. For the sunglass shopper who is bored with their standard black and tort options but wants a style that will stand the test of time, a mirrored sun style is the next, best classic while staying modern and of the moment.