Presto Change-O

By Deirdre Carroll: Senior Editor

Fashion chameleons, those who bore easily, indecisive types, people who like to keep their look fresh and new, gadget hounds and people who enjoy getting the biggest bang for their buck.

WHAT: Convertible clothing is not new in fashion; think cargo pants that zip off into shorts, removable coat sleeves that leave puffer vests or those dresses that can be tied into 25 different styles. Interchangeablity is also a growing trend in eyewear and removable temples and changeable lenses, often seen in performance collections, have been around for awhile. This season we’re seeing the option jump into fashion eyewear collections in the form of interchangeable lens inserts, removable temples and additional clips.

(Clockwise from top left) The Vera Wang Miela sunstyle, part of the brand’s high-fashion Salon collection, from Kenmark is a glamourous style in its own right. Add the detachable and changeable metal clip and you’ve got an entirely different vibe going on. The Tom Ford Robbie (TF286) sunglass from Marcolin is like two classics in one; the metal bridge detail snaps open to allow the wearer to swap out a plastic aviator lens for a just as stylish, classic plastic navigator front. The ophthalmic Crosslink from Oakley, which features easily changeable temples, is just the first step for the brand in terms of convertable styles. The next generation CrossLink Switch, which features an interchangeable front lens insert to change from clear to any number of Oakley’s alternate lens options, launches in February to a limited distribution, with wide distribution to follow in April.

Everyone likes options. These changeable styles are offering the refined look wearers are seeking for their everyday eyewear and not just their performance frames. However, when they are looking for something a little special, different or new, they can now have it in a matter of seconds without the commitment of a having to acquire a whole new style.