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Natural Buffalo Horn

According to Hoffmann Natural Eyewear, their natural horn frames are created from the horn of the Indian water buffalo. The horns of a water buffalo can measure up to two meters but only a small part of the horn is suitable for a spectacle frame. From that small part, Hoffmann selects only those which fulfill their criteria for quality and a harmonious and unusual coloring.


Pierce A. Voorthuis
General Manager, Georgetown Optician

“Natural buffalo horn eyewear has been an important segment for us because it connects with our client’s desire for individuality and, most importantly, luxury.”

What are you selling?
Buffalo horn has been an important niche we’ve embraced. We stock several brands featuring horn offerings, ranging from Cartier, Hoffmann Horn, Maybach and Lindberg. Lindberg and Hoffmann both offer unique takes on horn. Lindberg’s ultra-modern, comfort-focused take on horn offers a fully customizable fit with nose-pads, varying complimentary and classic temple fits and styling combined with titanium. Hoffmann’s take fully embraces the luxurious nature of the material and offers the greatest degree of customization.

Who’s buying it?
Our stores in the Washington, D.C. market cater to a diverse, discerning mix of clientele and we find horn speaks to our consumers because of its ability to enhance and compliment their personality and style. With each client shown our horn collections we use the opportunity to educate them on the qualities and benefits of the product.

Why do they like it?
Horn’s coloration, striation and uniqueness in terms of weight and style make it a perfect option for our more discerning clients who want to stand out from the crowd. Each piece we select is fully tailored to our client’s tastes. We select various horn colorations and finishes, ranging from highly striated and bold options, in both matte and polished finishes, to soft blond and tan horn that brings out the delicateness and uniqueness of the material.
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