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Innotec from Ogi Eyewear


Innotec from Ogi Eyewear fuses innovation with technology to form lightweight, yet durable frames. Beginning as a small collection of frames within the Ogi Eyewear brand, originally called Evo-Tec, this innovative collection grew popular and has since been given a new moniker and evolved into its own brand. Each Innotec frame is crafted with a combination of materials including ultem, TR-90 and surgical plastic. The strong, durable construction provides an ultra-comfortable lightweight feel, made customizable to any face with adjustable nose pads; while the matte texture gives each frame a modern finish.

MSRP is $240 to $250. 



Boyce Moffitt
General Manager, Spex, Chicago, Ill.

“We have always looked for a collection that will resonate with our male customers and Innotec fills this niche.”

What are you selling?
We introduced the collection during the development stage because it represented something innovative in the industry, and now, Innotec offers something unique to our clients who are interested in lightweight and fashionable styles at a more affordable luxury price point. The sell through on the collection has been very high, and best sellers include the 4701, 4800, 4812 and 4809.

Who’s buying it?
Our male customers want a modern look with some color or detail, but are not ready to make the leap to a bolder zyl frame; Innotec fills this niche.

Why do they like it?
Innotec’s styling provides the ability to get what they want at a price point they love and has a technology story they enjoy sharing. We find that this collection eases the client into more interesting frames and results in multiple pair sales. We are seeing a strong trend to thinner zyls and, with the newest releases, our female clients are enjoying the thinner, lightweight looks too. We merchandise it near our other lightweight collections such as Lindberg and Italee. This helps us tell a great story at multiple price points and promotes multiple selling opportunities as well. 


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