WHO: Too exhaustive to list; there is not a creative soul alive who hasn’t played with texture when it comes to designing beautiful clothes, furniture or art.

WHAT: In eyewear, attention is usually paid to color and pattern but texture is often a second thought. Well, no longer. Plastic, metal, wood, leather, horn… these are all materials that conjure a specific sense of touch memory for most of us. They also happen to be the materials generally used in the creation of eyewear. Lately though, frame designers are evoking new textures and presenting tactile, three dimensional frames that just beg to be touched.

WEAR: (L to R) The lime color grabs attention but it’s the Cutler and Gross 1082 3D sunglasses’ raised graphic surface treatment that adds depth. The Flying Wallendas ophthalmic style from l.a. Eyeworks is just one of many in a series of etched stainless steel frames the brand designs and the patterns may differ from style to style but the coolness factor remains the same. The Jimmy Choo Flash sunglasses from Safilo are encrusted with tiny, glittering balls and stones so it not only captivates the eye but delights the fingertips. The flocked, velvet effect of the KL003S sunglasses (shown as an ophthalmic) from Marchon, part of a collaboration between Karl Lagerfeld and Italia Independent, gives its classic shape a rich, pettable feel.

Just because someone needs a pair of glasses to see doesn’t mean they can’t give others something to look at… or better yet feel*. In addition to added depth and visual appeal, texture also affects the way light hits the frame as it moves creating constant interest and drawing the attention of others… and who doesn’t want more of that?

*Style.Pages does not advocate the touching of strangers or their personal belongings. Do so at your own risk.