Oakley Unveils Their Ultra-Premium Elite Collection


Colin Baden, Oakley, Inc

By Deirdre Carroll: Senior Editor

FOOTHILL RANCH, Calif.—Oakley, Inc. has introduced an ultra-premium product collection called Elite.

“Elite represents the most innovative concepts we have ever envisioned,” said Oakley president Colin Baden. “Over the decades, Oakley breakthroughs have been developed into highly successful products. In some cases, the innovations never found commercial application because the designs were too radical or the price points would have made development unfeasible. The Elite collection allows these revolutionary designs to reach consumers, albeit in extremely limited quantities.”

New releases in Elite span the range of Oakley product categories and include the Oakley Elite C SIX, Elite C SIX Aluminum and Elite Pit Boss sunglasses, as well as a wristwatch and boot.

The carbon fiber Elite C SIX
sunglass from Oakley

The new limited edition Oakley Elite C SIX sunglasses features carbon fiber blended with resins and assembled into structures 40 layers thick which are then sculpted by more than 24 hours of continuous machining, followed by hand assembly with interior structures of beta titanium.

Dispenser Price Guide: $$$$$.