By Deirdre Carroll: Senior Editor

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Hooray for the red, white and blue! The Fourth of July and the start of the 2012 London Olympics have combined to make this month a festive one. How fortuitous that the national colors of both the U.S.A. and the U.K. are red, white and blue. Luckily, eyewear designers are on board with the patriotic vibe of Americans and our compatriots across the pond and have provided thematic eyewear perfect for the season.

WEAR: (Clockwise from top) Even the French all hail the red, white and blue, thanks to their own national flag; no doubt their Olympic athletes and supporters will all be sporting the country’s colors. Perhaps we could suggest the Lacoste L2642 from Marchon for those looking to showcase their support up front and center. Jimmy Choo is a British brand and as such it is no surprise to see a glamorously stylized Union Jack on the Alex/S sunglasses from Safilo just in time for the Summer Games. As the official eyewear provider of Team USA, Oakley will be highly visible in London this month; those who can’t make it abroad can still take advantage of the full range of Oakley Team USA styles, like the Jawbone here. People looking for something less overt can always opt for the Versace Mod. 3156 from Luxottica; it comes in a classic red with a brow bar that evokes stripes. Anyone looking to really up the glamour factor should look no further than the Dita Vesoul; its oversized cat-eye and geometric print scream “I look fabulous. Go team!”

It’s hard to go wrong with a trio of colors that three of the world’s most industrialized countries rely on for national identity. Additionally, though it may be especially meaningful this month, the combination of red, white and blue is classic and timeless. So, be they performance sunglasses or high-fashion shades, sporty specs or designer frames, optical retailers without a little patriotic flair are missing out on serious sales.