QSpex Launches New Family of Photochromic Lenses



The QSpex lens fabrication system can now make photochromic, anti-reflective lenses.
ALPHARETTA, Ga.—QSpex Technologies is releasing a new family of photochromic lenses, AQuity LTD with QuasAR, which are designed to be made on-site in a practitioner’s office, utilizing the QSpex Premium Lens Fabrication System.

“Certainly an obstacle to patients ordering advanced treatments like photochromic and vacuum-deposited AR is the extra time they often have to wait to get their glasses back,” noted Kevin Bligh, VP of sales and marketing for QSpex. “AQuity LTD with QuasAR now gives practitioners the ability to serve their photochromic patient population with greater speed and a premium product. Since many patients who use photochromic lenses are progressive wearers, not having to wait for a new Rx is a big advantage.”

The QSpex Premium Lens System is designed with a small footprint. The daily operation of the system is easily learned by office personnel, according to QSpex. The hands-on time requiring operator attention is about five minutes per pair of lenses. The system utilizes single use, disposable plastic molds which can be recycled instead of cleaned. All lens treatments are pre-applied onto the molds by QSpex and transfer during lens curing. ■