Smart System Integrates With Eyemaginations Echo

NILES, Ill.—M&S Technologies, based here, announced that the newest version of Smart System 20/20 software includes integration with Echo patient education from Eyemaginations. This integration provides doctors and technicians with easy access to high quality patient education via the Smart System.

Kevin Butler, director of technology for M&S Technologies said, “We see this integration as yet another way for eyecare professionals to increase efficiency and efficacy throughout the practice. The Echo content can educate the patient on myriad subjects, as well as inform them on the products and services provided at the practice. It puts any Smart System testing downtime to use in an incredibly productive way.”

As a result of the integration, Smart System now offers several new features, including: access to all Echo playlists from the remote control or Smart System Tablet; the ability to assign frequently used Echo playlists to specific buttons on the remote or tablet; integration with Marco TRS “3rd Tab” to assign up to 18 playlists.