Learning Basics of Search Engine Optimization for Your Postings, Website


NEW YORK—One of the most compelling business reasons to get involved in social media is for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a term used to describe methods used to help your website achieve a higher position in searches for keywords or key phrases that people use to find the services or products you offer. SEO, if done properly, can positively affect your ranking in the organic search listings that is the listings in the search engine that are not paid for, and result in a significant surge of
new business.

There are many businesses that offer optimization services, and for many people these services bring value. There are also many online businesses that offer browser-based tools that you can use to do your own optimization for a fraction of the cost of search engine optimization businesses. Overall, creating content is the best way to increase your position in search, but knowing how to create content and how to link and manipulate the keywords within the content to optimize search is where most people seek help.

My favorite tool to manage your own optimization is called Scribe SEO. Scribe SEO is a search engine optimization software service that analyzes the content of web pages, blog posts, online press releases, or any other web content ... all at the click of a button. Scribe reports back and tells you how to tweak your content to get better search engine rankings and more traffic, all while maintaining quality, reader-focused copy. Scribe is particularly helpful as a tool for bloggers (while it has other functionality as well) as it enables you to enter the content you create, analyzing it on the screen for SEO strengths and weaknesses, and makes strong recommendations on how to improve the content, all before you ever post it live on the web.

I strongly recommend trying Scribe before paying someone to optimize your website; not only is Scribe effective, but using it can teach you how to do your own optimization to a point. As always, I am always happy to answer questions on search engine optimization so please contact me anytime using my information below.
Alan N. Glazier, OD, FAAO

Alan N. Glazier, OD, FAAO is the founder/CEO of Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care in Rockville, Md. A search and social optimization consultant, he is now a regular contributor to Vision Monday's CLICK and also writes a regular blog for
SightNation.com. Glazier is at aglazier@youreyesite.com and his regular posts can be found via his Twitter handle: @EyeInfo, his blog: Eyeinfo.wordpress.com and his website: YourEyeSite.com.